Kitty Lam

“One of the best people I have ever trained in this dance.”
- Yousry Sharif

A worldwide known protégé of Yousry Sharif, the Grandmaster of all, Kitty is an Egyptian Oriental specialist recognized for her clean and thorough technique and her passion in teaching and preserving the true essence of this ancient but evolving dance form. Her choreographies are original, beautiful and challenging, and her performances fiery, charismatic and passionate.

She started dance consulting and teaching in Hong Kong since 1996 and has become the sole owner of Nahawnd Dance Academy, the only dance academy in Hong Kong totally dedicated to this Egyptian dance art form. Her classes are intensive, fun and most of all, educational and inspiring.

To promote Egyptian dance culture and help educate the local scene, numerous times a year she tours abroad for cultural exchange programs. She and her students have represented Hong Kong in Cairo, New York, Japan, Taiwan and China. The stars she works with are like the Who’s Who in Oriental Dance.

Kitty is also the proud owner of Nahawnd, Nahawnd II and Nahawnd III music CDs, all produced by Yousry Sharif to exhibit exclusive and original music compositions by the best composers and musicians in Cairo. These CDs are the ONLY and FIRST of Hong Kong of its kind.

Kitty was invited by Cirque du Soleil to train its Quidam performers and artists on her specialty during their seven-week tour to Hong Kong at the end of 2005. She was also invited to be the sole belly dancer and a principal cast on the Egyptian scene on Faust’s Around the World in 80 Days musical in 2006 and 2008, a sold-out extravaganza which critics said “delights and entertains like any West End and Broadway production”.

In her spare time, Kitty does charity work for animal welfare.

Now that all is said and done I would like to direct everyone's attention to the excellence that is Ms. Kitty Lam! Not only did she put on an event beyond any fathomable point, but she is also an amazing choreographer! I had the pleasure of seeing several of her dancers present some of the most cleverly composed and complex dances I have seen in a long time, and I would be doing us all a disservice not to highlight Ms Kitty's excellence. I hope to see you dance soon as well, Ms. Kitty. Meanwhile, we are all running to the store to buy all of your 3 CDs made in cooperation with Mr. Yousry Sharif."
- David Badyal
(David of Scandinavia)

Nahawnd, Nahawnd II and
Nahawnd III music CDs

All produced by Yousry Sharif

Studio Address

Unit 1201, 12F, Kam Chung Building
52 Jaffe Road, Wanchai
Hong Kong